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"Hongye" brand scallop column is of intangible cultural heritage quality, fresh and delicious after
Release time:2022-03-27 08:15:00Author:betteradmin

  Dried scallop column is a seafood product dried from the obturator muscle column of scallop, which is known as "one of the eight treasures of the sea".

  Since the Qing Dynasty, China's coastal fishermen have used scallops as raw materials for processing scallops, especially scallops made from Chlamys farreri produced in Chudao and other places along the coast of Jiaodong, Shandong Province. It is said that the scallops produced in Sanggou Bay, Rongcheng City were once used as state banquet supplies to entertain former US President Nixon. Chu Island scallops are famous all over the country for their large columns, tender meat and excellent texture.

"Hongye" brand scallop column is of intangible cultural heritage quality, fresh and delicious after (圖1)

  Shandong Hongye Food Co., Ltd. is adjacent to Dongchu Island, the south corner of Sanggou Bay. The company is born on the sea and strives to be strong in the sea. Relying on the unique advantages of natural environment, seafood resources and rich fisherman culture, the company perfectly integrates the traditional processing technology of seafood with modern intensive processing technology, so that the production and processing of seafood can be inherited and developed continuously. In 2020, with Shandong Hongye Food Co., Ltd. as the protection unit and Chairman Wang Benxin of the company as the inheritor, "Rongcheng light dried scallop traditional production technology" was listed in the protection list of the Sixth Batch of representative projects of intangible cultural heritage in Rongcheng City. "Hongye" brand scallop column is the fresh and delicious food of Shandong Hongye Food Co., Ltd. with intangible cultural heritage quality and lasting freshness!

  As a classic product of Shandong Hongye Food Co., Ltd. with historical significance, "Hongye" brand scallop column is refined with high-quality and fresh scallops as raw materials, imitating traditional production techniques and adopting advanced baking technology. It is the best seafood in seafood food. It has high nutritional value and edible value. It is not only a valuable seafood raw material for cooking and soup, It is also an ideal gift for visiting relatives and friends. This product is ready to eat when opened, elastic and tough, delicious and memorable. It is deeply favored and welcomed by the majority of consumers. Whether in various domestic and international exhibitions attended by the company, or in the observation and investigation of Party and government delegations and business representatives from all over the country, the company's "Hongye" brand scallop columns, soft roasted scallop columns and other seafood foods have been widely praised and favored.

  Recognition comes from strength and quality casts brilliance. Focusing on the future development, Shandong Hongye Food Co., Ltd. will "make life more delicious!" In order to pursue, adhering to the concept of paying equal attention to inheritance and innovation, continue to inherit traditional skills, carry forward fisherman culture, focus on the research and development of high-quality nutritious food, adopt more scientific and advanced technology, constantly improve their own strength, deliver delicious food to consumers, bring health, and let each family feel the pleasant life experience brought by delicious food.